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Distribution and liability

Value Browser is freeware and is distributed with full source codes. You can freely use this component for your needs. The one and only request - is to specify copyright info in your application, for example

"Value Browser 3 © Industrial Infosystems,

We're providing free technical support in the case of any issues. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Component is based on Qt® library (© Trolltech). Tested in Windows XP SP 2 and Suse Linux 10.3 & 11 with Qt 4.1.x-4.4.x..

Attention: currently component is still under development. It is being upgraded constantly according to the needs of the real industrial applications. There is no warranty for 100% proper work. We are not responsible for any issues you can face during its usage. API documentation is also still under development.

Last version

Build 3.3.0 (2008/09/21)


  • Added TPathValue class for picking file/folder items.

  • Added itemIcon() and setItemIcon() helper methods.

  • Added reversion buttons for each value, and appropriate methods to Value Browser
    to change its icon.

  • Fixed issue with clearing default value while reading from settings with SP_LINKED policy.
  • Fixed issue with comparing FontValues.
  • Fixed issue with traversing disabled items.
  • Fixed issue with color icons for TBaseGroup.
  • Fixed issue with distance between icons and edit line for some styles.
  • HintChanged() signals are emitted also when current page is changed.
  • ValuePicked() signal is emitted only when item's value is changed to another one.
  • Speedup of browsing items.


previous Qt3 versions...

previous Qt4 versions...

Supported OSes and Qt

Value Browser 3 is designed for using in applications based on Qt® 4.1. and higher for OSes natively supported by Qt (Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS).

Qt 3. based versions (Value Browser 1 and Value Browser 2) are available here. They are however out of support and maintenance.



Value Browser 3


Value Browser 3 is the powerful GUI component which allows to edit values of different types (like as Delphi Object Inspector, QDesigner property editor and so on).

The component is designed for building unified GUI for view and edit different values (i.e. application configuration options etc.) and could be used in software based on Qt® library from Trolltech.

Code reduction

Value Browser 3 was specially designed to simplify code and reduce efforts for installing item parameters and data interchange. Using its native features as Binding with external values, Quick fill and Import/Export via QSettings can reduce code and thus time to build GUI up to 500%!


General features:

  • Keeping values as QVariant.
  • "Special values ", by default are "empty", "no value", "unused", "default" and "bad" (this list can be changed via API).
  • Multi-page support (items can be placed onto several pages, and only one page can be displayed at a time).
  • Hierarchical layout of the items.
  • Group items (they do not contain values and serve for visual separation of logical groups of value items).
  • Item hints (a textual hint can be assigned to every item, thus helping user to obtain some info about a value being edited).
  • Drop-down lists:
    • every list item can additionaly have icon and text
    • input of own text
    • "quick" input (by typing first letters, the most appropriate list item will be chosen)
    • list extension (a list can remember and have last entered values)
  • State flag (each item can contain a check box).
  • Value validation (a validator can be applied to any value item to perform validation of the input and does not allow the user to enter invalid value).
  • Button Editors (can be applied to any value item editor for input data with custom (pop-up, or so on) editor called by clicking approprite button which appears near the drop list arrow).
  • Combo Editors (extending standard drop-down list to make it possible to invoke any external editor as well as choose a value from the list by addings a special entry to the bottom of the list).
  • Storing and restoring of value sets with one command (useful for configuration dialogs with "OK" and "Cancel" buttons).
  • Highlighting of changes (highlights all the values which have been changed since the last storing).
  • Quick browser fill.
  • Binding with external (linked) values.
  • Import/Export via QSettings.

Internally supported value items:

  • Base - for single text value.
  • Text - for multiline text.
  • Numeric - for integer and real numbers.
  • Boolean - for boolean values.
  • List - for choosing a value from predefined list (free input as well).
  • Color List - for choosing a color from predefined list (free color pick as well).
  • Font List - for choosing a font from predefined list (font pick from dialog as well).
  • Coordinates (Point, Size, Rect) - for choosing appropriate coordinate values.
  • Path - for quickly picking existing files and directories.

Every basic item can be extended by using input validators, external editors etc.

Traversing and control

Common keystrokes:

Keystroke Action
Enter Input validation
Escape Discarding last entered data (before validation)
Shift+Escape Discarding last stored data (after validation)
Shift+Up/Down Choosing next/previous list value
Alt+Down List drop down
Alt+Left/Right Expand/collapse current item if it has children



Value Browser 3

Measure settings

List with autoappending

Color selection (button and combo editors)

Older releases

Mitsubishi 3FGR 100 management system setup (Value Browser 1)